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28 May 2019 | Sara presents a paper that explores the possibility to improve the cooling performance and waste heat recovery potential in a hybrid air/liquid cooled server by introducing specifically designed baffles at  ITherm 2019, Las Vegas, 28-31 May 2019.

28 May 2019 | Jaakko presents a paper that investigates the utilization of flow pulsation and embedded wavy fins within mesochannels for enhanced mixing and heat transfer in CPU heatsinks at  ITherm 2019, Las Vegas, 28-31 May 2019.

26 Sep 2018 | Assel presents a paper on optimising the internal layout of hybrid cooled data centre servers at THERMINIC-2018, Stockholm, 26-28 Sep 2018.

2 Jul 2018 | Jaakko presents a paper on the effect of flow pulsation waveforms in rectangular mesochannels for high heat flux electronics cooling in ICEFM, Munich, 2-4 July.

11 Jun 2017 | Jaakko presented a paper on a new method for refractive index matched PIV measurements at the 9th Annual Conference on Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics (ExHFT), in Foz du Iguacu, Brazil.


4 Dec 2018 | Our team is collaborating with colocation data centre operator Interxion on developing new cooling solutions for data centres to increase sustainability.

1 Jun 2018 | You are welcome to download our latest Working Paper titled "An Economic Evaluation of Future Electricity Use in Irish Data Centres". This paper is part of our ongoing research into the Irish data centre market. If you wish to discuss it further, you are welcome to contact the authors.

22 Nov 2017 | The Data Centres Ireland conference (22nd-23rd November 2017) will be of great interest to industry, policy and researchers with an interest in data centres on a micro and macro level. Our presentation (on Thursday 23rd November) titled "An Analysis of Emerging Trends and Constraints in the Irish Data Centre Market" will look at how liquid cooling could help alleviate increasing demands on the Irish energy system.

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Project Lead - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Tim Persoons is Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Trinity College Dublin (TCD).

Tim’s current research activities include multi-scale convective heat transfer in electronics thermal management systems using unsteady flows, active flow control for sustainable energy devices, and developing experimental thermo-fluid measurement techniques. He is currently supervising three PhD students and three postdoctoral researchers in TCD, and has graduated five PhD students to date.

Tim has authored over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, conference publications, as well as several keynote and invited lectures. His publications have attracted more than 1,000 citations. He has managed research projects totalling over €2 Mio in funding.

Project Lead - Economics

Dr. Eleanor Denny is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at Trinity College Dublin (TCD).  She is also the Director of Trinity Research in Social Science (TRiSS).

Eleanor has been awarded over €2.9Mio in research funding as principal investigator and served as a visiting scholar at the Harvard Environmental Economics Programme (HEEP) and the Harvard Graduate School of Eduation for the academic year 2014/2015.  She has supervised 8 PhDs to graduation and has a h-index of 16 and an i-10 index of 18 (google scholar). 

Eleanor was the inaugural recipient of the European award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities in 2012 (awarded by the Central European University in Budapest) and was awarded a Provost teaching award in Trinity College Dublin in 2010. 

Postdoctoral Researcher - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Sara Battaglioli is a postdoctoral research fellow working on the optimisation of hybrid cooled data centre servers, seeking to maximise the potential for energy recuperation from these systems through retrofitting or new server architecture designs.

Sara has carried out her PhD studies in the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Trinity College Dublin on numerical modelling of solidification, and joined ESIPP after graduating in 2018.

Postdoctoral Researcher - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Assel Sakanova is a postdoctoral research fellow working on server-level and rack-level thermal management strategies for next generation hybrid (air/liquid) cooled servers for data centres.

Assel has carried out her PhD studies in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore on cooling of power electronics. After graduating in 2016, she worked at the Rolls Royce Corporate Lab in NTU as research fellow.

PhD student - Mechanical Engineering

Jaakko is currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Tim Persoons at Trinity College Dublin. He received his Master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin in 2015.

He is currently working on novel liquid cooled heatsink solutions using unsteady flow and surface structuring, for next generation servers in sustainable data centres. The main target application is thermal management and heat recuperation from CPU packages in rack-mounted volume servers for data centres. 

This work aims to develop an adaptive liquid cooling solution to account for spatial and temporal heat load variations using a range of techniques, such as: Computational fluid dynamics; Advanced experimental flow visualisation; Velocity field quantification and temperature and heat transfer rate measurements. 

PhD student - Economics

Bryan is currently pursuing a PhD in Economics under the supervision of Prof. Eleanor Denny at Trinity College Dublin. His research is focused on economic aspects relating to data centers.

He is currently investigating how different data center cooling techniques could be used to provide additional economic benefit across a number of areas such as: Reducing the level of data center demand on the electricity grid; Repurposing waste heat for district heating and how efficiencies in data center energy consumption could help countries work towards meeting emission reduction targets.

Prior to this, Bryan worked at the Economic and Social Research Institute as a Research Assistant from August 2014-2016 in the Economic Analysis division. He holds a BA in Finance & Economics and an MA in Economics from NUI Maynooth.

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"A key driver for electricity demand in Ireland for the next couple of years is the connection of large data centres"

Eirgrid - All-Island Generation Capacity Statement (2016-2025)

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